Our Vision

Shivedale School is a step for the children to grow to their potential and participate in the development of a better world. Students are encouraged to create an identity for themselves and face the challenges of life. For this, besides knowledge they are equipped with skills in creative thinking, decision making and problem solving. Shivedale School believes in constructive learning which is an active process. Students here build their knowledge and skills through dialogue cooperation, interactive creative and exploration.

The School lays stress on the four-fold development of the child i.e. mental & emotional, Physical, spiritual & social. It emphasizes on the ideas of imparting an integrated education to children of all religions, castes, creeds, colour and nations. Shivedale School combines the nectar of wisdom of the East with the scientific knowledge of the West. Hence at Shivedale we aim to create a harmonious integration of western intelligence & eastern wisdom into a unified whole.