School Profile

In the year 2000, humble beginning was made by Swami Sharad Puriji by establishing Shivedale School at Kankhal in Hardwar, Uttrakhand. India. Swamiji's experienced guidance, constant inspiration to the teaching staff and students has helped them to become a better person for family society and nation. Swamiji's Strees upon understanding one's Real Self should become an integral part of modern education so that ancient and modern wisdom can create a society aimed at peace, liberty and fraternity.

Matrichhaya is another, project on which Swamji is working which will translate the vivid principles of the Vedas into reality. Matrichhaya is a home for the homeless, the destitute, and the under privileged children; and for the Senior Citizens where Swamji will work relentlessly for the upliftment of people, society and nation.