Life at Shivedale


There is a proverb "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. "Shivedale School believes in inherent discipline. Therefore everyone in the school must abide by the rules regulation on the School. Students are not permitted to come by petrol vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles. Students must observe discipline inside and outside the school.


The School starts in the morning with the arrival of students, Morining Assembly begins with the Holy Prayer and is followed by morning talk, new and thoughts etc.


The academic session consists the following two terms:- I- Term – April to September II- Term – October to March The school follows the syllabus of the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination laid down by The Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi is taught as second language. Sanskrit is offered as the third language. School follows "Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation" policy for the promotion of class I to X students. Regular assessment of each student's performance is carried out through weekly, monthly and periodic tests, practicals, projects, quizzes, seminars, oral tests group discussion & home assignments etc in Scholastic Areas. Smart Classes: The school has started smart classes for the effective learning and effective teaching


"A sound mind in a sound body" is a famous proverb. To build a sound and healthy body nutritious and balanced diet is very essential. At Shivedale it is compulsory for the children to bring green vegetable, Chapatties and at least one seasonal fruity or salad everyday. All children sit together, spreading their Assans on the ground and before begin eating say prayer and take out some share from their food for the speechless birds and animals.


All classes are allotted one period for Extra Activities everyday. Children enjoy a variety of activities – such as yoga – meditation, dance, music,cookery, drawing, reading skating, racing, playing basket ball & badminton, etc. Children regularly regularly take part in contests, competitions and other activities.