Parents are requested to follow the given instructions so that the child is comfortable in the new environment and remains free and happy.

  1. Children must be made to answer the call of nature (patty completed) before coming to school.
  2. Please ensure that child has brushed his teeth, has a clean wash or bath and dressed in clean comfortable cotton clothes in summer and warm clothes in winter. Clothes made of synthetic fibers like polyester, nylons,Terri cottons, etc are not allowed keeping in view the sensitivity of the child's delicate skin and climatic conditions.
  3. Children should not sent to school in frilly and fancy clothes except on his / her birthday.
  4. Money, sweets, toffees, jewelry etc should not be given to the child unless parents through written instruction.
  5. Parents are not allowed to enter classes or disturb teaching by coming during school time.
  6. Parents / guardians are not allowed to visit teacher's homes or discuss School matters at social gatherings etc with the teachers. Parents relations with the teacher's will be always kept separate from school relations. Parents should not expect special favours from any school staff who knows them personally.
  7. Honking of vehicles is not permitted on school campus.
  8. All visitors/parents/guardians will be expected to ensure that politeness and courtesy are maintained on the campus.
  9. Punctuality will be expected from parents and children.
  10. All leaves will have to be sanctioned through written application only. Leave for wedding birthdays, outing during working days will not be encouraged.
  11. Parents should inform the school authority about change of residential address & telephone numbers.
  12. Any birth, death or any other kind of emergency in the family should be reported to the school so that the child may be given emotional support from the teachers / counselors.
  13. Children suffering from infections conditions like Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Conjunctivitis etc. should not be sent to school, even during examination/ assessments. Medical exemption will be granted for such cases. After the convalsense period, the child will be allowed to enter school only after a fitness certificate is submitted.
  14. Both parents will have to be present during the open – House and Report discussion days on receiving the invitation.

    All problems regarding the child can be discussed during Parent-Teacher consultation meetings which are held on IInd Saturday of every month from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m However, urgent problems may be discussed without appointments on any other day between 1.00 P.M. to. 1.30 P.M only. There will be no consultation on any Saturday one week before assessments.