1. All newly children will be required to go through the orientation period for at least one week. Each child will begin by spending half an hour in the Group daily. The time will be gradually increased as the child adjusts to the new environment and forms a bond with the teacher.
  2. Both parents are requested to accompany the child on the first day after that either father/mother/or any other responsible family member will have to wait in the school until the child has adjusted well enough to remain in the class for least 1 ½ - 2 hours.
  3. There will be no pressure exerted on the child to make him/her stay in the Group. Each child will be kept according to his/her need and ability. Parents are requested to exhibit period during this period and not compare their child's class time with the time of other children. Each child will be given special care support as required.
  4. One-way conveyance will be provided after the child's time has been increased up to 2 hours and two-way conveyance will be provided when that child remains for full time.