'SWA' – " I "'


Meaning of 'SWAVEDA'is 'to know yourself' 'SWAVEDA PLAY GROUP' is a place where dormant mind is shaped to a mastermind through intrinsic evolution of knowledge. It is the first step for the children to grow to their potential and to create an identity for themselves. Here children are trained to face the challenges of life steadily but boldly.

They are equipped with skills in creative thinking, decision making and problem solving. Here we believe in constructive learning with ethical blend. Stress is laid on all round development of the child i.e. Mental and emotional, physical, spiritual and social, so that he may emerge as a complete and efficient personality.

"SWAVEDA PLAY GROUP" believes in the values and wisdom of culture. Therefore, the initiation into education will begin with the traditional Vidya-Arambha ceremony, which is a continuation of the ancient Guru-shishya custom when the Guru blessed the students to progress spiritually and physically. The various articles used for this ceremony have a meaningful value. The rice is a symbol of prosperity, which is achieved through high ideals. What does the "light of lamp" symbolize? The lamp symbolizes the "Light of Knowledge", which removes darkness.

Revealing the path of true happiness as symbolizes the flowers. The incense is the symbol of fragrance, which the child will spread through dedication and selfless service to the motherland. The Tilak and the Fruit are the reflection of the teacher's sincere blessings that under her/his guidance, the child may live a long and fruitful life. The tracing of the symbol has a clear message, which is, that education must be build upon the tradition of permanent universal values. The student is blessed that he/she must be successful in every sphere of life.